LTL Less Than Load and PTL Partial Truck Load Freight Shipping

How do you transport one pallet of goods? How about six pallets? When your shipment doesn’t fill a transport trailer, what are your options?

For small business deliveries, shipments of less than 10,000 lbs., or orders with longer lead delivery times, Less-Than-Load (LTL) or Partial Truckload (PTL) shipping may be the best answer. Both LTL and PTL combine shipments from multiple companies into one trailer, but difference do exist that will make the best choice clear:


Loaded with freight from multiple companies going to multiple destinations. Shipments are handled more that PTL shipping with off-loads and transfers to different transport trucks. LTL is best for shipments

  • of less than 8 pallets,
  • with longer-lead time delivery dates, and
  • product that can sustain handling with little risk of damage.

Partial Truckload

This is the next stop up from LTL shipping, for loads that are light but take up lots or space or for partial truckloads that require less handling. PTL freight shipping typically makes no transfers and ships directly to the destination. PTL is best for shipments

  • less than 10 pallets,
  • with an expectation of less-handling and transfers, and
  • more direct delivery routes than LTL.

Whether LTL or PTL shipping is right for you depends on several factors, including route, budget, and time constraints. Scott’s Freight Shipping Service can answer your questions and arrange the best freight shipping option for you. Call now for personalized service from someone who really knows the business of overland freight shipping.

For shipping volumes over 15,000 lbs. or 10 pallets, Full Truckload Shipping Service may be the option for you.