Construction Materials, Building Components, Mobiles Homes and Everything Else

...and Everything Else

Overland delivery of over-dimensional, over-sized unique cargo is challenging. Awkward shapes, extreme lengths, variable materials are just the start.

Specialized medical equipment, pre-fabricated one-of-a-kind machinery, customized three-dimensional signage, custom infrastructure components... All these require expert transport solutions that we can provide.

Below are just a few examples of what we can ship:

Medical Equipment
Steel Beams
Wind Turbine Blades
Industrial HVAC units
Solar Equipment
Mobile Homes

And anything else you can throw our way!

Scott’s Heavy Haul provides expert specialized overland shipping service:

Securing the needed schedule and the required route
Arranging for a flatbed that best fits your vehicle restrictions
Managing logistics and regulatory requirements
Ensuring adherence to federal and state transportation requirements
Obtaining and managing oversized/wide-load permits if required

Scotts Heavy Haul Transportation can get the transport you need, when you need it, and where you need it. Call now for personalized service from someone who really knows the business of specialized large cargo transportation.