Over Dimensional Vehicles

Modified Vans, Stretch Vehicles, Mobile Labs and Mass Transit Vehicles

Whether it’s the height of a modified cargo van, the length of a super stretch limo, or the weight of a specialized medical mobile unit, an over-dimensional vehicle calls for a heavy haul transportation solution.

Any time a vehicle exceeds the dimensions of a standard car carrier, flatbed shipping services are required. Scott’s Heavy Haul specializes in shipping every type of oversized vehicle:

  • Limo’s – stretch, super stretch, Hummer, and SUV limousines
  • Delivery Vehicles – step vans and walk-in delivery vehicles
  • Mobile Laboratories – radiology, imaging, x-ray units
  • Busses, Public and Private – private modified buses or public mass transit vehicles

Scott’s Heavy Haul manages the shipping your specialized or modified vehicle:

  • Securing the needed schedule and the required route
  • Arranging for the flatbed that best fits your vehicle restrictions
  • Managing logistics and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring adherence to federal and state transportation requirements.
  • Obtaining and managing oversized/wide-load permits if required.

Across the county or across the state, a single unit or fleet transport, Scotts Heavy Haul Transportation can get the transport you need, when you need it, and where you need it. Call now for personalized service from someone who really knows the business of heavy vehicle transportation.