Oversized & Wide Load Transport Requiring Special Permits

Special Permits

For some cargo and vehicle transports special oversized and wide-load permitting will be required before hitting the road. While each state varies, generally anything wider than 8’6” is considered a wide-load and subject to special permitting. Height, length, and weight of the freight, equipment, or vehicles to be shipped are also regulated by each state.

Shipping and oversized or wide-load is a specialized service requiring federal and state-by-state regulatory knowledge. Transporting of field machinery, prefabricated/mobile homes, wind blades, steel beams, heavy construction equipment, industrial service units, and more requires experience and know-how to safely and legally transport.

Oversized and Wide-Load Permit Shipping is complicated:

What permits are required?

Are pilot vehicles necessary?

Does scheduling need to be managed to meet sundown to sunrise road restrictions?

What special markings and/or lights are required for transport?

What routes are available to transport an oversized load?

Scotts Heavy Haul Transportation Service manages all your coast-to-coast special permit shipping needs. We can get the transport you need, when you need it, and where you need it. Call now for personalized service from someone who really knows the business of overland oversized and wide-load shipping.